EZ Care Snow Blower Service

Duel stage snow blower

Fall and Late Fall is an ideal time to service a Snowblower

Similiar to our popular EZ Mower Care Service this pre-season snow blower maintenance service ensures that your snow blower operates at peak performance when needed during the winter season.

Service includes:
  • Oil change
  • Install a new spark plug
  • Clean & inspect fuel system*
  • Inspect belts for wear & adjust*
  • Lube the drive & chassis
  • Inspect scraper bar & shoes*
  • Inspect & Air Tires
  • Check electric start if equiped 
  • Start the engine & check all functions
* Additional parts & labor may apply

There's no need to worry about getting
your snow blower to the shop because
Pickup and Delivery is included.

All this including pickup & delivery for $89.95

Sign up period October 1st thru November 15th

Pickups and deliveries are done by area and occur between October 15 and December 15th ,
 EZ Care Snow Blower Service sign up is NOT available after November 15th

We also offer drop off snow blower service from October 1 thru December 15

which includes everything shown above except the pickup and delivery.

Drop off Snow Blower Service     $89.95

Offer good for Snow Blowers dropped off before December 15th.   Regular price for
 service after 12/15 is 89.95.  Pickup and delivery additional (Min 59.95)

 Simplicity Snow Blowers

Thinking of buying or upgrading to a new snow blower?    Simplicity snow blowers
are in stock at pre-season sale prices thru 12/15.

Snow blowers on showroom floor

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The sign up period for EZ Mower Care
begins on Oct 15 and ends January 31.
Pickup's start in November.

  If you need In-season repairs call the shop at 410-272-2990 or visiting