Email is "The new normal"

The internet is everywhere.  Schools, Libraries, Homes and Businesses.  More and more it's available on cell phones.  Free wi-fi is also available in  shops, stores, trains, planes  We're living in a digital era as Peter Hinssen describes it in his book, digital is "The new normal".  One of the main game changers in this transformation has been email.  
Email is a "standard" means of communication now.  Aberdeen Outdoor Power Equipment is finally entering into a paperless relationship with our customers and others interested in staying in touch with us and receiving occasional promotional offers and our quarterly newsletter.
Starting January 1st, 2016, most communications from Aberdeen Outdoor Power will take place digitally, via email, facebook, and text messaging.   
To those customers without email or internet access:  Please call us and let us know that you DO NOT use email.  We will modify your account so that we can communicate with you by other means including the old fashioned way - even after January 1st 2016.

Why we believe email is better for us and for you...
  • Email is much less expensive compared to snail mail.  Each piece of mail delivered by the USPS costs money in stamps, paper, printing, and addressing costs.  Elliminating these expenses allows us to keep the cost of your services down.
  • Email is much quicker compared to snail mail.  Snail mail got is's name for a reason.  When compared with the lighting speed of email, the pace of carried mail seems painfully slow.  When we need to get a message to our entire customer base quickly email is the most practical  way to do so.
  • Email is good for the environment.  It saves trees, helps keep the air cleaner, and doesn't polute our landfills with toxic inks and other chemicals used in paper production.
There's only one thing we need from you to make this transition - an active email address.  
Use the link below to join our E-mail list.   

Kramer had the right idea but at the wrong time -  Well, now is the time and we promise it's easy and painless.